Remember Us? We Grow Your Food
Trundle Farmer Tim Patton - Photo Christopher Saunders

COP15 Copenhagen and the Emissions Trading Scheme are prominent in politics and the media but where is the human face of climate change?
GOLD-CROP is an installation at CarriageWorks by award winning arts and social change organization Big hART, that provides a window into the lives of farming families living in the food bowl of regional Australia during tough changing times.
It’s not about the survival of the farm; it’s the survival of the family.

Farmer Boree Creek
3 tonne of dirt, 1200 photos, 25 short films and 600 metres of fencing wire create a lush field of images that celebrate rural communities across the Murray-Darling Basin. Since 2006 farming families have shared stories with Big hART’s team of artists working on the GOLD Project that culminate in this unique installation and an interactive website

GOLD is one of the most incredible projects that is going on all over Australia at the moment, which gives people the opportunity to tell stories of difficulty, of heart ache and of problems on the land and to turn them into something positive. Robyn Archer AO
Recent coastal rains may mean that water restrictions have eased in the city along with reporting levels in our dams, but for farmers who have not had a commercial harvest for 7 years or more, the struggle to survive continues. GOLD-CROP gives voice and value to these true stories of resilience, adaptability and change.
GOLD-CROP is a good example of participatory arts practice. This work has been created with the involvement of 35 artists, 40 young people, 33 farming families and 52 community partners.
Many of these project participants will be attending the GOLD-CROP opening event at CarriageWorks on Saturday November 21st where there will be performances by guest musicians including renowned songwriter Tim Rogers.
Catering for the event will promote food and wine from regional producers who have worked on the Big hART GOLD Project. Produce being served includes Arcadia Saltbush Lamb, Taralga Springs Beef, Just Go Nuts Pistachios, Chalmers Wine & Mildura Brewery Beer.
GOLD-CROP is a tribute to the farming families who have participated in GOLD and is a reminder of the significance of farmers to urban populations. In the words of one farmer… Remember us? We grow your food.
GOLD-CROP 20 Nov - 2 Dec CarriageWorks 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
Exhibition open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am -1pm
20 November - 2 December

Further information:
Christopher Saunders – Creative Producer
Ph: 0418 477 156